“A good 12 years of my life”…at Convent of Jesus & Mary

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By: Ribca Ralph, Trainee Sub Editor, Trainee Admin Officer & Content Writer, SEPLAA Foundation
The capacious red brick walls and vintage feel of the place engraved its impact in my memory. However, it is what lies beneath the majestic architecture captured in the picture that initiates all praises for this place, to be honest. Keep reading as my story unfolds and I put forward an entirely fresh perspective from my prolonged affiliation with this place.

I have spent a good 12 years of my life at Convent of Jesus & Mary, Lahore and what an unforgettable experience that has been! An unflinching relationship with a place is pretty much synonymous to a lasting relationship with a person. It is inevitable to fall in love with the place when it offers so much in return. It is the character, personality and values that live on and sustain from the moment I wake up every morning till the time I go back to bed. The place grew onto me extending endless opportunities for me to grab along the way, glorifying my journey. I learnt quite a few valuable lessons acquiring conscientious approaches through vigilance and integrity for ethical and radical decision making in life.

Convent has conspicuously been very special to me and extremely different than all the other exotic locations I have ever visited in my life. I would have never been able to make sound and apt decisions about the good, bad, white, black and grey in life without the character and personality I have been groomed into courtesy of the place being accentuated.

Sometimes spending a considerable amount of time at a particular place can turn the tables on the erroneous things in life and completely change the way one perceives the world from a holistic point of view. It is not only about visiting a place and admiring its beauty, but, the actual challenge is to indulge in a proactive struggle to seek that spark of inspiration, that motivation and strength for yourself that evokes a sense of peace, beyond the mere pleasures, for an enhanced experience earned out of it at the end of the day.

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  1. thank u (writer) that you appreciated the true resource of peace, strength and motivation.
    and thank u SEPLAA Foundation for publishing this article, where every one is fighting one the name of religion. it’s a very good step to show respect for other religion.

  2. Wow Ribca!!Lovely piece….Thanks for sharing…Convent of Jesus and Mary,Lahore will always be a great part of our lives…

  3. Yes ,time we have spent from childhood to youth hood at CJM Lahore , beside giving education it has groomed us in responsible citizens of the society.
    Moreover where the CJM students are they different from the rest .

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