ActiveYouth250 Summit becomes an iCx Event & Book Launch

With the launch of iCx: Impact Change XceleratorSEPLAA Foundation, it made more sense to bring the ActiveYouth250 Summit under it.

But to live up to our reputation of being creative and innovative, we are adding a new element to the Summit for the active youth:

The creative contribution of the socially active youth  as change makers will be celebrated and recognized through our exclusive book, “iCx Active Youth Change Makers 2014” that will be launched at the iCx ActiveYouth250 Summit 2014″ and will be part of our annual 2 week event ‘4th Annual SEPLAA ToP (Talent of Pakistan): CSR Awards & Social Entrepreneurship Conference 2014.’



iCx Active Youth Change Makers 2014” will feature 250 profiles of socially active youth and they will also be invited to attend the iCx ActiveYouth250 Summit.

Visit the link for more details on ‘iCx ActiveYouth250 Summit 2014.


Or join our Facebook event page.

If you are an ActiveYouth or know about one, then write to us and recommend. If you are selected by our Panel of Experts and Mentors, we will include your profile in the book section ‘ ActiveYouth 250 Change Makers 2014!  See event details for our  Call for Recommendations!

If you want to become an Endorsement/Media Partner or Sponsor then please write to us at or sms at 0322 4411800.

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