Anum Nawaz, SEWEGAP Power Woman 2016

SEW-EGAP (SEPLAA Empowering Women for Economic Growth & Peace) Women Empowerment Program announced another SEWEGAP Power Woman for 2016: Meet Anum Nawaz.

Anum has been engaged in youth development and empowerment since 2010. She is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy.  She looks at self-expression as a powerful yet, undermined tool to solve some of the psycho-socio-ailments in the contemporary times. She believes that self-expression is discouraged especially in collectivistic cultures. She aims at exploring it creatively in order to change the existing clichéd image of Pakistan.

Currently working as Manager Academics and Assessment at Rabtt, she is diligent in instilling Empathy, Creativity, Critical thinking and Self-confidence among Adolescents through various academic programs. She has been a trainer for various projects and has been involved with organizations like YES Network Pakistan, British Council and Catholic Board of Education, employing her skills specifically in enhancing the quality of education. She served as the Cultural Ambassador of Pakistan for the United States Department of Education in 2013 and has been a volunteer for A world at School, YMCA and United ways.

She is interested in academic research in Social Psychology and Ontology and will be pursuing her Masters as a Fullbright Scholar in 2016.

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