Book Discussion Event held on ‘Voices of Courage & Sorrow’

Lahore- 15th November, 2021

The Impact World Press recently organized a discussion on the book ‘Voices of Courage & Sorrow- 15 Pakistani Case Studies of women’s courage and resilience’ by Amal Farooq Malik, published by the Impact World Press.

The event was focused towards creating awareness about domestic violence and way forward for improving the lives of women.

During the discussions it was highlighted that ‘Voices of Courage & Sorrow’ by Amal Farooq Malik, an 18 year old author, was created after a 7 months’ long project with support from the Human Rights Crisis Centre for Women, Government of the Punjab and the SEPLAA Foundation & Think Tank.

Speaking on the occasion, Rabia Usman, Manager SBB Human Rights Crisis Centre for Women explained how the victims of domestic violence are facilitated by the government through various interventions. She added that the violence faced by the women who came to her centre was something that traumatized all the professionals who came in contact with those women too. For that reason, the work undertaken by Amal Malik to translate the cases of 15 women victims out of a pool of 300 women, was both brave as well as much needed.

Amal Farooq Malik also read out one case study from her book that affected her most. It was concerning an attempted murder on a woman who later asked for support from the government centre. Amal focused on the importance of economic empowerment of women to fight against gender based violence and expressed how much she learnt about the problems of women through the cases she translated and later analysed.

Book discussion event covered by the Express Tribune on 15th November, 2021.

The case book is research based and proposes important recommendations to the government as far as women empowerment and the development of social enterprises is concerned.

The event was attended by senior professionals, lawyers, businessmen and women professionals who all praised the important books published under the Impact World Press.

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