Celebrating World Book Day 2019

It gives us immense pleasure to celebrate books, writers, illustrators, publishing houses and photographers on this World Book Day 2019 by announcing another new peace initiative of the Impact Seplaa World Press by the name of Amdizai’s Kettle & Kahani.

To support the culture of book reading, writing and deliberating upon the written word, we are also launching new writing competitions and reading sessions under Amdizai’s Kettle & Kahani, in line with the over arching objective of publishing books, stories and opinions that have the potential to change the world for the better, one at a time.

The project was inaugurated at the International Women’s Day this year at the Seplaa Hub, by organizing a reading session highlighting the problems that women face and how they can collectively as well as individually address them through their writing. The event was attended by members of the Sewegap Women Hub and other guests who read aloud pieces of writing that made the audience rethink their roles in society.

Powerful pieces were read aloud by Ammara Farooq Malik from her upcoming book Sewegap Women & Leaders of Pakistan and another by Rabia Usman who recited a poem. Both focused on how women have played a very important role in shaping the society and policy through the written word. 

Some of the book projects of the Impact Seplaa World are focused on empowerment and peace, some on climate change and others on fostering links and relationships through the promotion of culture. ISW Press hopes that the culture of reading and writing can be revived through more of such events and competitions that are in pipeline. 



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