Creating new social enterprises in a new Pakistan

Picture courtesy Herald, Dawn.
Picture courtesy Herald, Dawn.

Pakistan is going through a very crucial period in its history. But in order to be able to equip Pakistani youth for the changing times ahead, it is important to prepare them to become self reliant, creative and peace loving for a better Pakistan.

SEPLAA Foundation embarked on its journey to instill the values of peace and skills to create ones own social enterprises for the good of community and youth, in the Islamia University Bahawalpur in April 2014.

Since we started we have given incubation training to 120 students and are keen to train another 360 students.

It is an enormous task given the huge challenges we are facing in the wake of political instability in the country, working in a new environment (Bahawalpur) and trying to work in an environment where volunteerism is a relatively new concept.

However, the cycles are once again about to begin in Bahawalpur and the great news is, we now have 6 iCx University Ambassadors on board our Bahawalpur Team who are super excited to share their experiences with other youth of Bahawalpur!

Have you had a look at the happening events of iCx SEPLAA in Bahawalpur in September? Check it out and register for the different incubation cycles in the event pages!

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