Girls for Climate Action: Climate Strike, Advocacy & Young People

Young people and voices are now gaining prominence in the climate change debate world wide. With international climate change advocates such as Amal Malik(15), Dina Malik (14) from Pakistan, Greta Thunberg (16) from Sweden, Miel Sequeira- Holm (19) from Palau and Alex Rendell (29) from Thailand who have spoken on international forums and been part of several climate change actions ranging from art, writing and activism to training, teaching and creating green business solutions. All set to join this list is Pakistan’s youngest climate change advocate Zaina Malik (7) who is inspired by the work done by her sisters and mother in climate change adaptation and has been a part of all community advocacy done by them since she was just 2 years old. A climate advocacy action being organized by Amal, Dina and Zaina in October 2019 is the #Girls For Climate Action Campaign for which they gathered youth during the summer of 2019 to conduct advocacy dialogues, activities, art activities and discussions centered around the themes of Cities & Local Action, Regional Challenges & Solutions in Energy, Regional Challenges & Solutions in Infrastructure and Resilience & Adaptation. The campaign will run online from 14th- 18th October 2019 under the hashtag #GirlsforClimateAction. The SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club has been advocating for the inclusion of children’s voices in dialogues since 2016 and believes that as the biggest stakeholders in what the future can hold for them, they need to be involved by the government in creating more awareness for the general masses.

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