ICx International Workshop 6 on Peacebuilding through Empowerment for Global Change

The 6th and last iCx International Workshop on Peacebuilding through Empowerment for Global Change was held on the 4th of April, 2014 (Friday) at the DHA Office, SEPLAA Foundation.

Trainers & Mentors for the session:

Ms. Katarzyna joined the workshop through a Skype session from Miami, USA and both the mentors indulged the incubatees in an interactive and interesting discussion on the basics of Peacebuilding & Conflict Management.


The applications of peacebuilding and conflict management from a holistic point of view were also discussed during the session for the incubatees to gain useful insights on the need for being empowered to bring about a global change through their projects.

Visit the link for the event photographs.

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