ICx SEPLAA Seminar for underprivileged youth held with RevivAge


On 22nd November, 2014 a Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship and Peace Building was held for Underprivileged Youth by Zuha Saeed as part of the SEPLAA Foundation & Umeed Jawan South Punjab project.  Zuha’s project Revivage is being incubated under iCx SEPLAA & Umeed Jawan.

The seminar was held to motivate youth for building peace in the society.

The whole seminar was conducted for under privileged youth on the topic ‘social entrepreneurship and peace building’ at ‘National College’.

Students present there were totally unfamiliar with the concept of Social entrepreneurship, Peace building and Conflict management. We explained these terms by giving such kind of examples.

Social Entrepreneurship Factors:

  1. Stopping poverty
  2. Improving education
  3. Improving religion
  4. Improving health or saving lives
  5. Helping those in need
  6. Supporting arts, culture, heritage or science
  7. Supporting recreational sport
  8. Supporting human rights, peace and equality
  9. Helping the environment
  10. Helping community development
  11. Helping animals

Peacebuilding Activities:

  • Help tone down an argument at home or at school
  • Say hi to people you wouldn’t usually talk to
  • Put litter in the trash; recycle when you can!
  • Share with your siblings and with your friends
  • Help people in the neighborhood with yard work or grocery shopping, if they need help

Conflict management techniques:

  • Forcing
  • Collaborating
  • Compromising
  • Withdrawing
  • Smoothing

The students showed great enthusiasm towards spreading these factors in society and wanted to be a part of SEPLAA.

We received good response from students at the end of the seminar.

There reviews are as follows:

Ayesha Fatima :

‘The lecture was very interesting as well as useful for us. I got information about social factors associated to our society. After getting lecture I also want to serve needy and poor people socially.’

Rakhshanda Akmal:

‘I am very happy about the lecture that is given by the SEPLAA winner. Our college is on backward side so that we can’t get much information about social activities but from the lecture I got much information about social work.’

Maria Riaz:

‘Lecture was very simple and interesting. I learned a lot. The points told to us explained a lot about entrepreneurship and social work.’

Aiman Tanveer:

‘I was very happy when the teacher told us about social work. I want to do social work and help the people around me. They encouraged me a lot.’

Sehrish Ilyas:

‘Social business is a very interesting thing. The lecture changed my thoughts about real life. I want to work for helping the people and make life better around me.’

Samreen Ayyaz:

‘Lecture was great. I understood a lot from lecture about social entrepreneurship. It is a good thing and I also learned a lot. The questioning with the teacher and the activity built my confidence level.’


The lecture helped me in understanding a lot about why I should do social work and be an entrepreneur. The activity conducted made me learn the ways of how to interact with people and help them.’

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