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Seminar report:

Date:   November 1st, 2014

Subject: Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship and Peacebuilding for Underprivileged Youth

iCx SEPLAA Trainer: ZAIN KHALID, Bahawalpur.

Project: Online Print Solution.

This report is an over view of seminar that was conducted for poverty-stricken youth on topic social entrepreneurship and peace making. The seminar was conducted under the supervision of Mr Abdus Salam at ‘Allama Iqbal College’, Bahawalpur, at 12:30 pm. The seminar began in time and people from under developed areas around Bahawalpur were welcomed to attend the seminar.

Objectives of this seminar were to inspire the people towards a unique lifestyle and also to let people think about business or produce resources for themselves. People were not well familiar with the term social entrepreneurship so the team used some example to clarify the idea and tried to make their mind clear about it. They urged them to take part in this seminar and explained them that the term social entrepreneurship and peace making are related to each other and also that the term social entrepreneurship not only helps people economically but it also helps them morally as it will also decrease social evils like crime, theft etc.

The people who took part in the seminar showed passion towards the welfare of society as well. Everyone had a different opinion about social entrepreneurship and it seemed that everyone wanted to work for the betterment of the country. Overall the seminar had a positive effect on them and changed their thinking. They showed a great passion for peacebuilding and prosperity of country.

Activity and Example

The team performed an activity with the students to make them realize the importance of peace building and to make them understand it’s relation with social entrepreneurship.

Following are the responses we received at the end of seminar


“SEPLAA provided me with a very good idea. I was not familiar with SEPLAA. It can solve problems of many people”.

Sobia Azizi

“I liked your presentation, before this I didn’t have any idea about business. Now i have some knowledge about it on how we can invest in the right place. If we get the idea we will like to share with you”.

Ali Mukhtar

“I didn’t have any idea about it but after attending this seminar my views have been changed. Now i think there are many resources to develop our own business from and we can also give opportunity to jobless people”.

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