IWP History

In 2008, the idea that propelled the formation of SEPLAA (Seeds of Education, Policy & Legal Awareness Association) was clearly laid down as anything and everything that would prove to be beneficial for future generations in Pakistan, including issues related to education, environment, health and child rights.

Over the course of the next few years, the SEPLAA Foundation was registered as a separate entity from SEPLAA and was registered as a Society under the Societies Act 1860 in April 2010 with a specific Memorandum of Association.

The discussion topics generated under SEPLAA were then compiled under the newly development magazine Impact SEPLAA in November 2010. To save resources but to keep the information about all SEPLAA activities in development and policies collected in one place, the magazine was shifted completely online in 2012.

From the launch of the dedicated website in 2012 to its transformation into an international platform of exchange, policy discussion and debate in March 2015, had been a long journey of organizational development, from one strength to another.

The platform was rebranded as the ‘Impact World Press’, an independent publishing house in 2018.

The focus of the Press is to disseminate stories of impact and publish books that aim to cover issues such as empowerment, law and policy, climate change impact and adaptation for a wide variety of audience.