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ISW International Peace Semester


Impact Seplaa World is offering its International Peace Semester on 10th, 17th, 24th February 2017 at SEPLAA Lahore, Pakistan.

Overview of the Semester:

The project has been developed under SEPLAA Enterprises and its Think Tank Impact SEPLAA World as a means to induct more and more students towards becoming inclusive community members, critical thinkers, policy influencers, team players yet independent individuals.

The ISW Think Tank will work on this project in partnership with various universities in Pakistan, SEPLAA Foundation and SEPLAA Enterprises.

Eligibility Criteria:

This program has been designed for university students and professionals with a background and/or interest in:

International Relations
Gender Studies


(1) Participants will be awarded Internationally recognized certificates from ISW Think Tank and the SEPLAA Foundation.

(2) The students who successfully complete the semester will get an opportunity to become a part of the ISW Think Tank Team.

Semester Details:


The semester will be of two weeks’ duration and will be conducted over 3 Fridays.

Semester Fee & Scholarship:

The participation fee for the semester is PKR 18000/- Partial scholarships and fully funded positions are also available. For eligibility criteria and more information, please contact Ms. Zahra Wyne at

When you can register:

Latest by 28th January 2016.

To register, please fill in the online form and wait for an email conformation within 4 working days:

Note: The following session plan was followed for the Pioneer SEPLAA YLC Peace Semester. A similar session is being planned for the February 2016 ISW intake. 

Session Number Topic
Session 1 Orientation to the IPS program and community contribution plan.


Why is there a need for peacebuilding? (Students oriented about Advocacy, Community Action and Fund Raising Routes).

Session 2 Building upon the need for thinking for the community to build peace. (Students expected to choose their community project routes)
Session 3 What is peacebuilding and conflict + Group Meetings for Advocacy & Community action. (Students asked to start brain storming for major activity to perform under community action and areas/ topic for advocacy).
Session 4 Policy Dialogue with Experts
Session 5 Mentoring & Group Activity (strategy development for Advocacy and Community Action Groups).
Session 6 SEWEGAP Policy Dialogue on Women and Development with Vositha Wijenayake (Sri Lanka)
Session 7 Leading Through Think Tanks
Session 8 Community Action Peace Art Activity and Competition at an underprivileged school.
Session 9 How advocacy sessions can create peace’.
Session 10 International Peace Workshop with Intizar Khadim (Afghanistan)
Session 11 International Cultural & Peace Dialogue with Ms. Katarzyna Suowatski (USA) on Women Globally and in Iraq.
Session 12 Presentation with senior government officials.