Policy Dialogue on Economic Policy Reform held

Lahore- The Sustainable Development Policy Institute and CIPE organized a ‘High Level Meeting on Possible Economic Reforms Agenda for Elections 2018’ in Lahore. Mr. Ahad Nazir from SDPI moderated the panel consisting of political representatives, members of chambers of commerce, policy analysts, economists and to represent the social sector, SEPLAA Foundation Founder Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik. 

Ammara Malik highlighted that it is an erroneous notion that social enterprises are SMEs. ‘Social enterprises have the potential to tackle large scale problems such as climate change, water resources depletion and finding alternative modes of water conservation through rainwater harvesting and early warning systems for floods that can help avert loss to life and property. This is an important area of development which the government needs to support.’

She added that ‘social entrepreneurs need more government support and political parties must be urged to include this in their agenda while drafting the next Economic Policy to give a specific focus to creating incentives for the growth of social enterprises’.


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