Policy & Public Sector Consultancy

IWID provides development consultancy services to local and foreign clients on a wide range of areas including Law, Policy Research and conduct pilot based research studies in development areas such as Climate Change, Gender, Empowerment & Social Entrepreneurship.

Our Services:

As a development consultancy firm with a multisectoral approach, we offer associated services in policy drafting, capacity building, development and research:

Policy & Government:

We provide expert legal and policy advice, services and research analysis services to the public, private and development sector in the following areas:

  • Policy & Governance
  • Urban Development & Infrastructure
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Development
  • Climate Change Resilience & Development
  • Women Empowerment: Laws & Policy Development
  • Economic Empowerment: Laws & Policy Development
  • Drafting of Rules & Regulations.
  • Drafting of MoUs, TORs, Policy Papers etc.
Areas of research
Economic Growth & Social Entrepreneurship Development 70%
Climate Change & Resilience 64%
Gender & Empowerment 50%