SEPLAA Events: Give Voice to your Imagination!

By: Ali Jafri, SEPLAA Intern.

SEPLAA Foundation Youth Events

When we look at Pakistan, we find shades of every colour. We never get a black and white picture. There are always controversies. People have different opinions about the picture of Pakistan.

Nevertheless, the majority of Pakistanis think that, if, certain aspects of Pakistan were changed, it would be a much better place in the world than it is now. These people have diverse ideas to improve their country, yet they believe they are not presented with opportunities to give voice to their imagination.

Then there are those Pakistanis who cannot stop praising Pakistan. They feel Pakistan is a beautiful country, and that, if, only they were given a chance to speak their heart, they would paint a very colorful picture of the country.

From what I perceive, people need a platform to ‘give voice to their imagination.’ Hence, the SEPLAA team decided to create several events through which people can either enlighten us about the positive aspects of our country, or explore ways on how the country could be made even better.

SEPLAA’s main focus at present is on the youth of Pakistan. The organization believes that the youth inspire the talent to give wings to our nation. Hence, it has opened opportunities such as “iPAKISTAN 2013,” which is an essay writing competition where the contributors can get their views heard on a global level.



Then there is a photography competition: “Picture worth a thousand words,” where the contestants can capture photographs that express the beauty of their nation.



The events by SEPLAA present the contestants with an opportunity to bring about a positive social change in Pakistan.

With all these opportunities, one can only wonder what impact their art could make when it goes global. It is true, opportunities come and go in our lives, but, what people do not understand is how important these opportunities are; how easily they can change your life. Talent itself is an art which is best seen when displayed to the world.

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