Seplaa at Altinbas University, Turkey

The Seplaa Social Entrepreneur Forum of Asia and Middle East is geared towards boosting the regional development of Social Entrepreneurship in Asia and Middle East. The coming together of different social entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds will result in the implementation and development of the various social and cultural issues at hand such as poverty alleviation, education and healthcare to name a few. In addition this will also result in regional linkages to develop and a global network of social entrepreneurship in Pakistan to be constructed.

The Seplaa Enterprises CEO, Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik has spoken about the issue of social entrepreneurship in not only Pakistan, but has contributed actively towards promoting the development of regional social entrepreneurship as well. She was invited for meetings along with Ms. Zahra Wyne, Founding Director of SEPLAA Foundation and Amal Malik, Co Founder Seplaa Young Leaders Club International to Altinbas University, Turkey, in February 2018.

Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik was  also invited to deliver an exclusive talk about the Social Entrepreneurship Regional Development which was attended by several faculty members and students at the university. Amal Malik was also able to take about her social enterprise climate change project as a case study about young girls making an impact in climate change through social entrepreneurship development.

There are several partnership meetings and collaborations that are under process to further promote and develop the idea of regional cooperation through entrepreneurship development.

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