SEW-EGAP Women Empowerment Program launched



The SEW-EGAP (SEPLAA Empowering Women for Economic Growth & Peace) Women Empowerment Program was launched in Lahore on 8th March 2015, as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations world wide. The International SEW-EGAP was already functional with some events conducted in 2014.

The SEW-EGAP Women Empowerment Program is created under the SEPLAA Foundation that will help Pakistani women network and interact in the areas prescribed under the SEPLAA Foundation Memorandum of Association i.e. education, empowerment, law, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, governance, peace, culture, art and literature.


  • There will be at least 4 networking sessions per year and to be considered an active member for various opportunities, members must attend at least 3 events.
  • Each networking event will be designed for 50-100 women.
  • There will be 5 free invites for promising and talented young women who shall be chosen by the council to attend as guests.
  • For the executive council members, the lunch charges will be only 50% per head.
  • Every networking event will have 5-10 new women speakers to showcase their work and speak on stage.
  • At every networking session, special guests from different sectors will be invited to attend and network with our members.


  • Free profiles and interviews will be put up online for enterprising women and partners.
  • Free certified workshops on various topics on professional development will be given at SEPLAA Foundation per year.
  • Each networking session can invite up to 10 amazing women who can showcase their work and speak about their talents on stage.
  • Members who attend will also have the opportunity to showcase their work on stalls for free, during the networking events.
  • Members can benefit with networking with over 500 high profile women of substance on our social media page.

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