Awards for the Sewegap Emerging Women Leaders 2018

Sewegap  Women and Leaders of Pakistan-The book gave another opportunity to emerging women leaders to be highlighted through the book award nominations on Seplaa Hub.

The book is a social enterprise project of the Impact Seplaa World Press ( under the Seplaa Enterprises) that will act as a platform for highlighting the positive contributions of women in Pakistan. It also is a platform for women empowerment and development as it represents a compilation of the different events and milestones achieved under the Sewegap Women Hub and the Sewegap Women Empowerment Program from 2013 to 2018. These events are captured in the forms of reports, articles and stories with a section that is exclusively dedicated to celebrating and highlighting the exceptional women of Pakistan.

Under the Emerging Women Leaders Award, there were two categories of the nominees, the emerging leaders and the young emerging leaders.  The age bracket for the former ranged from 30 to 39 years with a professional work  of upto 2 years. whilst for the latter, the age of the respective nominees ranged from 20 to 29 years.

The voting rules for the sewegap emerging women leaders differ  from that of the sewegap power women recognition award as 25% consideration was given to the interview whereas the rest hinged upon the social media voting.The first nomination was conducted on the 11th March and the competition continued till the 16th of March. The results were announced on social media on the 25th of March.

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The winners and nominees have accomplished various achievements in their respective fields and are truly inspiring. Ada Jaffery, one of the winners also highlighted her experience as the Sewegap Emerging Women leader. She appreciated the initiative started by the Seplaa Hub in bringing to the forefront, the potential and capabilities of all the women leaders in Pakistan. Furthermore, she highlighted that the opportunity provided by the Seplaa Hub was of paramount significance for all the women as this marked the celebration of their success.

She also talked about the unique literary initiative, ‘Sewegap Women and leaders of Pakistan’ by Ammara Farooq Malik that will be representing various stories of women who displayed immaculate qualities of courage, patience and success.

The next Sewegap Emerging Women Leaders Award Competition will be held in 2020.

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