Sewegap holds elections for Power Women 2018

‘Sewegap Women and Leaders of Pakistan’ is based on the work of  Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik,  lawyer, social entrepreneur, Policy and development consultant with over 20 years of professional work experience. She has contributed tremendously and effortlessly towards the deeply embedded social issues prevalent in Pakistan such as children and women empowerment as she has successfully reached across to over 70,000 people to empower women.

This book is a representation of the pesonal experiences of Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik, with the under privileged women in South Punjab so that their stuggles and unheard issues can be highlighted. Alongside, Ms.Ammara Farooq has also been engaging actively with professional women skilled in different disciplines such as those working in social enterpreneurship, corporate governance, education, law and climate change to name afew. In patnership with the Seplaa foundation, the SEW-GAP was launched in 2013 which currently serves as a thriving platfrom for all the professional women and enterpreneurs to connect and engage with one another.

Sewegap Women and Leaders of Pakistan features the profiles of selected Pakistani women leaders, power women and emerging women leader so that their contributions for Pakistan can be credited.

Sewegap Power Women Recognition Award 2018

Sewegap Women and Leaders of Pakistan through the Sewegap Power Women Recognition Award provided an opportunity to acknowledge all the professional women, who had displayed leadership skills in their relevant feilds and highlighted the exceptional services rendered by these individuals.

The number of nominations received were 17 in total, including the nominee’s and the ones that got nominated. From the total number of condidates, 16 got selected compromising of 8 power women and 3  Sewegap Role Models.  The event commenced on the 26th of February when the first nominee was received and continued till the 5th of March. The results were announced on the 9th of March.

To shed some light on the voting regulations for the award, 75% weightage was given to an interview/meeting while 25% significance was given to the social media voting.

Ms. Sidra Iqbal, a nominee for the Sewegap Power Women Recognition Award highlighted her experience and remarked that “she is truely honoured to have been nominated”.

Sewegap Women and Leaders of Pakistan thus provides an exclusive opportunity for Pakistani women and leaders to be recognised and for their contributions to be brought to the forefront so that they could be pondered upon and ultimately serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for the rest.


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