Visit Swat: the paradise valley

By Ahmed Bappi–SEPLAA intern

This paradise is a place having azure lakes and streams; lush green and full of water with freshening breeze. Swat is really a paradise on earth with all its bounty of beauty. Orchard laden with apples, apricots, peaches, plums, walnuts and Diospyrus lotus (Japani phal); and peaks gleamed gold with lavishly green pastures below are the real attraction for common tourists whereas swat has a rich anthropological, archeological and ethnographic heritage as well which had attracted many pilgrims from china, japan and central Asia in the past.

In addition to the archaeological sites of cultural enrichment swat has places with no match. The mighty swat river flows in between and splits the whole valley into two with its tributary valleys falling from pastures and glaciers and peaks. Among the peaks Falak Sair (Plasaar) and Mankiya peak (Koshien) are of special healing effects for our sight. Koshien can even be sighted from Malaknad peaks and Landaki, the boundary of swat district.


The towns which are of great attraction for tourists are Bahrain, Kalam, Madyan, Miadam, Malam Jabba, Marghuzar and Saidu Sharif along with side valleys and tracks. The tracks in the valleys used to be paths for trekkers and drifters.

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