Dialogue & Soft Launch of ‘Sewegap Women and Leaders of Pakistan’ book held

The soft launch of the book, ‘Sewegap Women and Leaders of Pakistan‘ by Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik, seasoned international social entrepreneur, policy and legal consultant and Founder of Seplaa Enterprises and SEPLAA Foundation, was held in Lahore.

The unique Seplaa book project is a social enterprise project highlighting the positive contributions of strong Pakistani women. It also covers a collection of inspirational stories, policy recommendations and analyses the position of women in Pakistan from a social perspective. It is a book by a Pakistani woman, promoting other women and empowering working professional women to reach other people to build their businesses and get global recognition as positive agents of change in Pakistan.’

This event was conducted at the Seplaa Hub in DHA, Lahore and was held to celebrate the women who had won the Power Women Recognition Award and the Sewegap Emerging Women Leaders Recognition Award 2018, held for the book. The soft launch of the book was launched now because the Sewegap Women & Leaders of Pakistan will remain an ongoing project of the Seplaa Hub. The book will officially be launched in November 2018.

The first soft launch dialogue was conducted by Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik, Founder & CEO Seplaa Enterprises and attended by Sewegap Women Hub Co-Founder Ms. Zahra Wyne, Ms. Zahra Fateh Qizilbash, Ms. Rabia Usman, Ms. Rima S. Bokhari, Nida Usman, Sana Khalid, Sundus Riaz and Amna Shahid Malik.

The purpose of the book, Sewegap Women and Leaders of Pakistan, was highlighted by the author Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik, as being a community project bringing men and women together to celebrate the positive contributions of Pakistani women in education, law, corporate governance, climate change, policy and social entrepreneurship.

Ms. Zahra Qizilbash, the winner of the Sewegap Power Women Recognition Award, appreciated this initiative as she remarked,” I am honored to have been selected as one of the Power Women in the book. I hope I can live by the high standards set by Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik. It has certainly been a privilege getting to know her and her team, as well as some of the amazing women who will be featured in the book”. She also applauded all the women who in addition to their domestic responsibilities, take the time out to make a difference in the lives of others. About the upcoming book, Sewegap Women and Leaders of Pakistan, she said, “May this book be the first of many, and pave the way towards inspiring generations of Pakistani women to excel in their fields and to do more and more”.

Similarly, Nida Usman, a winner of the Sewegap Emerging Women Leaders Award 2018 remarked, “Seplaa has commenced the much-needed work on documenting the successes and achievements of working women and celebrating their success stories through their book project. The platform they have created will surely play a positive role in bringing the focus on women leaders and role models to inspire a whole generation hereafter. It is my privilege and honor to be sharing this space with all the other amazing women who have been selected and I wish Seplaa all the best in reaching out to many more women through their very useful working women directory project.

‘Sewegap Women and Leaders of Pakistan’ will officially be available for sale by November 2018.

The Nation covered the event here.


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