SYLC 100 Leaves Campaign Part 2: An International Child Advocacy Campaign to highlight Climate Change Impact

Report by Amal Farooq Malik and Dina Farooq Malik 

SEPLAA Young Leaders Club.

The SEPLAA YLC, through one on one interactions, explained the concept of the SYLC 100 Leaves campaign to over 47 experts from 27 countries at the 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum in Colombo from 17-19 October, 2016. The campaign was a 10 days advocacy effort during which we researched, learnt, traveled and gained experience on the job.

Attending the APAN Forum was an excellent opportunity to learn first hand from practitioners and experts working for climate change in the world. On the first day, we were a bit hesitant about going up to such experienced people with our campaign but by the third day, we had made a lot of friends and people started coming up to us to be counted in the campaign! We met with representatives of the Government of Sri Lanka, APAN, UNEP, UNDP, Power Shift Malaysia, Climate Tracker, Biodiversity International, University of Colombo, Asian Development Bank, German Advisory Council on Global Change, Plan International, WWF and Colombia University among several others.

It was wonderful to see so much encouragement for us as were the only child delegates at the APAN Forum and all that we learnt and experienced has made us more excited to do more for the environment. The following are a few of the over 100 pictures, nature photography and art work we created over the 10 days to highlight the impact of climate change in the world. We have a lot still to do together and for the SEPLAA Young Leaders, this is just the start!

Amal Malik explaining about the SYLC 100 Leaves Campaign to an expert.
‘Let’s work together for the most vulnerable people.’ – Yusuke Taishi, Regional Technical Specialist, United Nations Development Programme, Thailand.
‘Public private partnerships are needed for effective climate change adaptation.’- Closing ceremony of the APAN.
Explaining about the Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club environment campaign to the student volunteers at the 5th APAN.
With the amazing volunteers at the 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall.
‘Climate change threatens food security’.- Danny Hunter. #sylc100leaves with Mr. Danny Hunter, Senior Scientist, Biodiversity International, Italy.
‘He that plants trees loves others besides himself.’- Thomas Fuller. Plant more trees! #sylc100leaves #APAN2016
Stop destroying the oceans which have fed millions of people every year. Why axe one’s own feet? Save the oceans! #sylc100leaves
‘Plant trees today and let the next generation live to the fullest. Plant trees and save lives.’- Khrolo u Koza Lohe, Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority.
‘Education for women is essential’ – Selvy Sirikananathan, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. #sylc100leaves , #APAN2016
#sylc100leaves with Lia Hilyatuz Zakiyyah, President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change, Indonesia. ‘Go green and save trees!’ – Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club
‘60% of world’s GDP comes from private finance which must be tapped for climate change adaptation.’- APAN session on Climate Finance for Development and Adaptation.
‘Plant a tree!’ – Ms. Kira Vinke, Research Analyst, German Advisory Council on Global Change, Germany. #sylc100leaves ,#APAN2016
‘Let’s be responsible. We’ve only got one Earth!’ – Mr. Johnny Ruangmei, Nagaland Disaster Management Authority, India. #sylc100leaves ,#APAN2016
‘We only have one planet!’ – Ms. Cristina Santiago, Philippines. ‘Let’s fight CC together!’ – Ms. Vidhisha Samarasekara,Senior Climate Change Specialist, Asian Development Bank, Philippines. #sylc100leaves ,#APAN2016
‘Stopping pollution is the best solution.’ #sylc100leaves #APAN2016
‘For women in climate change adaptation: Coping can be done immediately but resilience is a long term process.’- Ms. Shireen Samarasuriya, United Nations Development Programme, Sri Lanka. #sylc100leaves with Ms. Shireen Samarasuriya! #APAN2016
Trees absorb pollutants. Plant a tree and naturally reduce pollution! #sylc100leaves with Dr. Keith Alverson of the #UNEP at #APAN2016
‘Good governance is the key to creating resilient cities’- Dr. Keith Alverson speaking at the session on ‘Urban Environmental Services and Practices for Resilient Cities’. #sylc100leaves with Dr. Keith Alverson, Director, International Environmental Technology Centre, United Nations Environment Programme, Osaka, Japan. #UNEP , #APAN2016
Gender needs to be highlighted in climate change adaptation not brushed aside. #sylc100leaves with Dr. Nisha Onta from WOCAN (Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management), Thailand.
Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club busy environment campaigning! #sylc100leaves
Women need to be given the opportunity to contribute to adaptation practices. #sylc100leaves with Ms. Elena Pita, Program Officer REGATTA, UN Environment Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, Panama. #UNEP , #APAN2016
We found a youth delegate from Malaysia who was passionate about the environment just like us! Face to face interaction is the best way to exchange best practices in climate change adaptation. #sylc100leaves with Jasmin Irisha Jim Ilaham, Malaysian Youth Delegation, Malaysia. #APAN2016 #sylc100leaves.
The earth has its music for those who will listen.- George Santayana. #sylc100leaves with the APAN conference delegates and Ms. Nasha Lee, UNDP Malaysia.







Youth should collaborate on a regional level to build meaningful partnerships to give back to the environment- Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club #sylc100leaves with Dulanga Witharnage, Malaysian Youth Delegation, Malaysia. #APAN2016
SEPLAA Young Leaders busy explaining about their organization and campaign to other conference delegates. #sylc100leaves , #APAN2016
‘Flood management plans should not only focus on hard engineering but also on the community needs.’ #sylc100leaves with an Environment Engineer with WWF, Sri Lanka
‘The production of plastic bags releases many toxins into the environment. Use re-usable bags instead!’ #sylc100leaves with international delegates from the 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum. #APAN2016
Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club explaining what the club does in Pakistan. The Seplaa Young Leaders have already attended a one month semester on climate change adaptation and held a youth policy dialogue on climate change adaptation in Lahore. #sylc100leaves , #APAN2016
‘Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.’- Ralph Waldo Emerson. #sylc100leaves with Mr. Riyad Mucadam, Advisor to PM on Environment at Marshal Islands.
“One of the biggest differences between humans and trees is simply that humans burn trees.” ― M. Jackson, While Glaciers Slept: Being Human in a Time of Climate Change #sylc100leaves with Jeremy Stone, BRACED Alliance Coordinator, Plan International, Myanmar. #APAN2016
‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!’. #sylc100leaves #APAN2016
Covering the proceedings of the Opening Ceremony of the 5th Asia- Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum 2016- #sylc100leaves.
Networking starts with explaining speakers and guests about what the SEPLAA Young Leaders’ Club 100 Leaves campaign is all about.
‘Social and cultural drivers of vulnerability such as religion and gender need to be taken into account in climate change adaptation.’- Dr. Lisa Schipper. #sylc100leaves
‘Planting trees should not be about politics’.- Mr. Abdul Hamid Bhat. #sylc100leaves with Mr. Abdul Hamid Bhat, Chairman Rahim Greens, Kashmir. #APAN2016
We found young journalists from Pakistan covering the event. Conveying the information gathered about climate change adaptation practices and policies to others is an important job! #sylc100leaves with Climate Tracker team members Munnaza Anwar and Salman from Pakistan. #APAN2016
‘There is a need for enabling frameworks for new (climate change adaptation) laws’- SEPLAA Young Leaders attending the session on ‘Developing Legal Frameworks for Adaptation Planning’. #sylc100leaves #APAN2016
The Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club 100 Leaves Campaign was initiated so that the young leaders would gather important points regarding the environment and climate change adaptation and then collect the information in one place that can be easily accessed by other young leaders. #sylc100leaves. #APAN2016
Ms. Manishka De Mel, Staff Associate Center for Climate Systems Research, Earth Institute, Columbia University was a speaker at the session on ‘Closing the Knowledge-Policy-Practice Loop’. Ms. Manishka talked about the importance of addressing the problem of climate change adaptation from different levels both grassroots as well as policy. Thank you for supporting the #sylc100leaves campaign Ms. Manishka! #APAN2016
#sylc100leaves at the Global Youth Forum on Climate Change!
SEPLAA YLC team with traditional artists at the 5th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum. Can culture influence how countries adapt to climate change? #sylc100leaves



Thank you Mr. Sele Tagivuni, Grace TriFam Ministry, Fiji Islands for supporting the Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club and our campaign! ‘We all breathe the same air. And we are all collectively responsible for saving it for future generations’. #sylc100leaves, #APAN2016
‘Environment impact assessment laws need to be adaptation proofed’. -Andy Raine. #sylc100leaves is with Mr. Andrew Raine, Legal Officer, Division of Environment Law & Conventions, United Nations Environment Programme! #APAN2016
It takes 1000 years for polyethylene bags to break down. Reduce the usage of plastic bags! #sylc100leaves with Ms. Martha Fernandez from the APAN Secretariat. Thank you for all your support Ms. Martha! #APAN2016

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