Upcoming book ‘Sewegap Women & Leaders of Pakistan’

Publisher: ISW Press, Pakistan

Expected Book Launch: January, 2023

Sewegap Women & Leaders of Pakistan’ -The Book, is based on the stories and work of over 500 Pakistani women, captured in the form of a social enterprise book by Ammara Farooq Malik, a seasoned social entrepreneur, lawyer, policy and development  consultant with over 20 years of experience, in various fields in Pakistan and abroad.

The book is based on her experiences of interaction with underprivileged women in South Punjab; with her engagements with professional women in policy dialogues  ranging from education, corporate governance, development, social entrepreneurship, climate change and law to disability in Punjab, Sindh, KP and Gilgit Baltistan.

She Co-Founded the Sewegap Women Empowerment Program that piloted various kinds of interventions for women empowerment with Zahra Wyne in 2013.

The book also covers the events of these interventions from 2013-2018 in the form of reports and editorial articles.

The book unfolds in the form of true stories and insights into the struggles, courage and problems that women face and the solutions that they have created in Pakistan.

A must read for all men and women who wish to get an insight into the way Pakistani women feel and respond to their challenging circumstances in various roles.

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