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Voices of Courage & Sorrow , a project that highlights the strength, struggles and resilience of women in Punjab was conducted through various meetings with women, dialogues with experts, interviews conducted with social workers, research and analysis gathered from partner institutes from September 2020 to March 2021. This project was conducted in collaboration with the Human Rights Crisis Centre for Women, Government of Punjab, SEPLAA Foundation & Impact World Press.


The project highlighted the UN Women’s global fight against gender-based violence during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence and through successive dialogue events, resulting in the compilation of a collection of 15 case studies of women who were subjected to gender based violence. The project was spear headed by Mrs. Rabia Usman  and Ms. Amal Farooq Malik at the Punjab Human Rights Crisis Centre for Women.  


The SEPLAA Foundation & Think Tank was called on as a technical partner for legal insights. The SEPLAA Foundation has been working with and drawing attention to the issues faced by women for their empowerment, since 2010. It has undertaken numerous women empowerment projects and has held a number of dialogues and focus group discussions highlighting the need for a voice for women along with other recommended solutions.


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‘Voices of Courage and Sorrow’, is a collection of 15 case studies of Pakistani women facing varied kinds of abuse that have been compiled and analysed by HRCCW and SEPLAA Foundation to be published under the Impact World Press. The cases have been translated from Urdu to English and complied by Amal Farooq Malik, who is presently an A’ Level Law student at Lahore Grammar School, Defence. 


The project and campaign #VoicesofCourageAndSorrow focused on the different kinds of violence that women are facing in their homes before and after COVID-19, forcing many women to remain at home in abusive environments.


The project amplifies not only the voices of the victims but also the survivors of gender-based violence, in the form of an e-book and concludes with recommendations for the civil society and government on how to further improve the lives of women at home and at the workplace. 


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